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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
10:03 pm

soo...havent updated in a LoNg time...lets see...

-my gurlies made cheerleading!

-me,sarah,sabrina,elsa n my other gurlies made dance team!

-school gets out in...exactly 7 weeks-the weekends!!!

idk what else..so ill end it there!


current mood: tired
dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Friday, March 18th, 2005
5:12 pm

yesterday i woke up at 530 and me and ryan got on the road for corpus! it was soo much fun! we stayed at a nice hotel, walked on the beach, went to port A, n spent time together! i couldnt believe my mom let me go! and i got some really cute stuff! neways there really isnt much to say cuz..idk i just had soo much fun n i really cant explain it! gosh i love him.

dance team tryouts in...14 days! gosh im scared.

good luck to everyone tryin out for cheerleading on friday!...amanda,jordi,sabrina, n elsa!!!


current mood: okay
3 StEps<3dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
4:51 pm - SpRiNg BrEaK '05!

well...i have lot to update now...
sat. me,sabrina,my mom,diane,erin,kasey,sam,and katie all loaded up and went to grandma pat's beach cabin n crystal beach! it was a frikin 7 hour drive but it was deffinatly worth it! we got there kind of late but erins dad took me,sam,sabrina,and katie down to beach and we rode in the back of his truck! we also learned about this place at the end of the beach called the zoo which is just a BIG college party with a ton of hotties! hehe but we didnt go at nite...that was gay. the next morning we all woke up, got beautiful and went down to the beach! i had to say...me and sabrina looked hAwT! hehe deff. update with pics when i get them! neways that day was fun. we hung out at the beach, but i had my fone half in and half out of my pocket and it FELL OUT! i didnt feel it and we walked off! (im stupid) n i was FrEaKiN out! we found it though so all is fine! hehe we went driving around n had some fun around the beach that day! then on monday we went to galveston and shopped! it was fun..but again...no zoo! haha but on the ferry ride home we met some ReAlLY cute boys! thats always nice. then me and sabrina were walking home and had to run through this forest thingy it was scary, and got offered a ride home from this ugly guy and his GIRL friends lol it just wasnt right. then we got bored and came back. woke up tuesday morning, went to subway, came back, cleaned up, and i drove pretty much all the way home which was fun! im probably leaving a crap load out of this story but idk.
today was a sleep-in day and now im packin to go back to the beach with ryan!

*You cant hurry love oh you just have to wait
you see love dont come easy, its a game of give and take*


current mood: cheerful
4 StEps<3dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:12 pm
livejournal isnt so fun nemore...and i have nothing to write about cept how frikin great my bf is...lol that gets old after a while. neways yeah im done.
4 StEps<3dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
12:28 am

this is kind of a pointless entry but o well...
friday ryan's mom gave me a stuffed doggy,chocolates,and this cute heart frame...he got me a really pretty bracelet! n since he got himself one too we have matching ones now! its cute but i cant wait till vday. then on tuesday i GET MY LICENSE!!!!! yes! geez i cant wait and my mom said i get to go out with one of my friends and take the car n all that on tuesday nite! yay! ok well yeah tomorrow me n ryan r gunna celebrate vday cuz he has to work on monday...its gunna be fun. then who knows what. monday is vday! haha this entry is jumpin all around but idc.
ok well its late n im goin to bed!
happy valentines day everyone!


current mood: cheerful
2 StEps<3dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
9:52 pm - hEaVeN

tonite was soo great!

it all started on monday...me n my mom were already out so we went to shakes at about 815ish. ryan n his cousin laurie wanted me to stay n work so i did! it was soo much fun i took orders, cleaned ,made things, and got to spend time with my baby n laurie who is awesome! he was lookin at me like i had something stuck n my teeth or something but he said 'im just amazed at how lucky i am...i got u' i was like aww..it was cute! he kept lookin at me like that for like an hour n sayin how cute i looked in the apron n manager hat! neways it was really good. then today i didnt have a ride home from practice so he gave me one and i was with him for while. we went to cicis and then sat in his car for like 45 minutes. we had a long talk which is really good cuz most ppl who have a relationship this long dont talk as much. it was really sweet..all the things he was saying to me and...*sigh*...its not even explainable. neways im really happy and im so glad me n ryan r together! i feel like im floating...


current mood: ecstatic
4 StEps<3dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
Friday, January 28th, 2005
3:51 pm
Kip Dynamite
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the only reason i actually got summer was cuz of the ?'s haha i took it again and answered funnily? and got kip! im a gangsta!
dAnCe Ur WaY iNtO mY hEaRt
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